Finance and accounts Officer (5 Positions) – Terms of Reference and Scope of Services

I. General Information          


–          Position Title: Finance and accounts Officer (5 Positions)
–          Reporting to: Director General of Federal/State MoE
–          Type of Appointment: Short term local staff
–          Duration: 12 months’ renewable based on satisfactory performance.
–          Fund RCRF
–          Duty Station:

–          Reference No:

Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidoa, Jowhar & Dhusamareeb, Somalia




II. Background Information  

The Development Objective of the RCRF II project (“Project”), as restructured in 2018, is to support the Federal Government of Somalia and eligible Federal Member States to strengthen resource management systems, the inter-governmental fiscal framework, and service delivery system in education.

In conjunction with the Project restructuring, additional financing (AF) has been provided. The restructured project builds on the experience and successes of the parent project, RCRF II, and is designed to address fiscal constraints, sustain the reform effort over the next three years, and increase the emphasis on education service delivery.

Ministries of Education are the Federal and State level lead agencies of the education sector and its mandated to ensure that citizens at State and federal level has easy access to quality educational services in an affordable, sustainable and safe manner this contributes to the nationwide similar mandate of the Federal Ministry of Education. Without a functioning State MoE level’s sound finance, procurement, HR and project management practices this mandate cannot be achieved. Several capacity assessments on the Federal/State MoEs identified major gaps in those areas that need to be fulfilled.

One of the major gaps identified was qualified personal to undertake these duties or to implement national and state level acts, policies and procedures in regard to these areas.

The RCRF project aim to fill this critical gap by hiring a Finance Officer for a period of 12 months.

This TOR has been developed as a guidance for the objectives, scope, timing and deliverables of performing the Finance and Accounting services for the Ministry of Education.

III. Objectives and scope of the assignment


The assignment develops the ministry’s financial management capacity (i.e. budgeting, documenting financial activities, book keeping and reporting), in order to eliminate any risks that can be associated with the financial management practices of the ministry.

The assignment is expected to provide lower risk rating in financial management capacity assessments and audits made by external bodies.


Specific objectives of the assignment consist of:

  • Desk review of existing financial management assessments and audits and working with counterpart experts in fulfilling those gaps
  • Updating books of prime entry and reconciling accounts regularly;
  • Preparing periodic consolidated financial Federal/Statements
  • Supporting the school finance management systems of the Federal/State level as well supporting the internal audit services on the school finance management systems.
  • Assist the Finance Director on timely financial reports preparation and submission


IV. Timing

The assignment should be completed within 12 months with possibility of extension based on availability of funding.

V. Reporting

The Position reports directly to the Director General of the State MoE or the Director of Finance in the case of Federal MoE.

VI. Key Deliverables

Internal Audit & Compliance Management

  1. Regularly test that the Internal Controls of the MoE are functioning as per the Finance Management Manual and any deviations should be immediately reported.
  2. Prepare an Internal Audit report on monthly basis and should share the report with the top management & the Director of Admin/Finance.

Finance Management

  1. Support payments preparation in line with Ministry’s finance manual
  2. Maintain filling soft and hard copies of all financial documents
  3. Record all financial transactions in cashbook regularly
  4. Facilitate the program-based budget development process;
  5. Facilitate cash flow projections and budget revision process;
  6. Ensure budget control procedures are applied on all the budgets which the Federal/State MoE manages;
  7. Supervise preparation of the internal source documents;
  8. Supervise checking the accuracy and validity of external source documents;
  9. Supervise posting the source documents into relevant books of prime entry or software applications;
  10. Prepare financial reports including budget monitoring reports and variance analysis and consolidated quarterly financial Federal/Statements for the Federal/State Public Education Sector;
  11. Supervise dealing with special payments including travel advances, grants and their timely liquidation.
  12. Ensure implementation of key internal control activities of the Federal/State MoE.
  13. Supervise implement of petty cash imprest system.
  14. Provide weekly on the job training for the finance staff for at least one day in each week.
  15. Supervise implementation of bilateral and multilateral financial frameworks including World bank guidelines, GPE grant guidelines, School grant guidelines, etc.
VII. Qualifications


  • Bachelor or master’s degree in Accounting/Finance.
  • Certification in accounting is preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years of general experience
  • Minimum of 3 years of specific experience in the Finance and Accounting.
  • Knowledge and experience in public financial management and procurement management acts at Federal and Federal/State level.
  • Experience in finance and Accounting systems.
  • Performing similar assignments is preferable.
  • The officer should also have knowledge or relative experience of the governmental and project funds management.
  • Fluency in English and Somali languages.
VIII. How to Apply
  • Interested candidates are requested to apply online by clicking and following the link below not later than August 11, 2020.