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Financial and Accounting Technical Advisor-  Terms of Reference (ToR)

I. General Information          


  • Post/Title: Financial and Accounting Technical Advisor – Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education
  • Department: Admin & Finance Department –Federal Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education (MOECHE) and State MOEs
  • Project title: Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing Project II (RCRF II)
  • Reporting Lines: RCRF Education Coordinator
  • Key Contacts: Ministry leadership (Director General), Director of Admin & Finance, Technical Advisors (, MoECHE RCRF Education Coordinator, Federal Member States Ministries of Education (Jubaland, South West, Hirshabelle, Galmudug and Banaadir Regional Administration).
II. Background Information


The Development Objective of the RCRF II project (“Project”), as restructured in 2018, is to support the Federal Government of Somalia and eligible Federal Member States to strengthen resource management systems, the inter-governmental fiscal framework, and service delivery system in education.

In conjunction with the Project restructuring, additional financing (AF) has been provided. The restructured project builds on the experience and successes of the parent project, RCRF II, and is designed to address fiscal constraints, sustain the reform effort over the next three years, and increase the emphasis on education service delivery.


Ministries of Education are the Federal and State level lead agencies of the education sector and its mandated to ensure that citizens at State and federal level has easy access to quality educational services in an affordable, sustainable and safe manner this contributes to the nationwide similar mandate of the Federal Ministry of Education. Without a functioning State MoE level’s sound finance, procurement, HR and project management practices this mandate cannot be achieved. Several capacity assessments on the Federal/State MoEs identified major gaps in those areas that need to be fulfilled.


One of the major gaps identified was qualified personal to undertake these duties or to implement national and state level acts, policies and procedures in regard to these areas.

The RCRF project aim to fill this critical gap by hiring a Technical Advisor – Finance and Accounting for a period of 6 months.


This TOR has been developed as a guidance for the objectives, scope, timing and deliverables of performing the Technical Advisor – Finance and Accounting services for the Ministry of Education.



III. Position Summary


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE) is seeking to recruit a Technical Advisor – Finance and Accounting to support building the capacity of the department of Admin and Finance. The incumbent will also support the work of the RCRF Project. He/she will work very closely with the Ministries of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia, Jubaland State of Somalia, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and South West States of Somalia. Reporting to the DG and RCRF education coordinator, He/she will support the Ministry of Education to assist with, and advice on, the planning, development and implementation of an effective and transparent accounting, budgeting and financial planning system and auditing within the MoECHE.


IV. Key responsibilities


  • With MoECHE staff carry out a detailed review of the existing accounting, budgeting and financial management systems
  • Support the MoECHE and ensure that a detailed development plan for establishing an effective and Financial Management Unit within the MoECHE including organizational structure for the Finance department at the federal and at the regional states
  • In consultation with the Federal and State MOEs to identify staffing requirements, skills and competencies and training needs
  • Design implementation plan for a computerized budget preparation and accounting system (Financial Management Information System);
  • Provide recommendations for compliance with Government (public) financial procedures and international good practice and standards
  • Develop a strategy for the strengthening of Ministry, departmental, regional and sub-sector level budget preparation processes and procedures
  • Procedures for the programming of education investment and the estimation of recurrent costs
  • Generally, advise the senior-management of the MoECHE and the program as required and appropriate on matters within the scope of the
  • Establish and maintain regular contact with the MoECHE, States and Regions
  • Support the preparation of quarterly and annual narratives, results and financial reports
  • Contribute to the development of work plans and budgets for effective implementations
  • Provide support through coaching, mentoring and training opportunities to departmental staff to enable them meet challenging performance



V. Authority


The TA –Finance and Accounting will report directly to the DG and RCRF Education coordinator –Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education.


VI. Key Qualifications


  • Master’s degree in Finance/Accounting or ACCA/CPA certification in relevant field;
  • Minimum of seven years’ experience in Accounting and Finance
  • Experience working in Somalia or in the Horn of Africa and a good understanding of sound programming principles;
  • Experience in management of Grants & contracts with different donors, including preparation and monitoring of budget
  • Experience in financial and operational management of governmental offices;
  • Knowledge of World Bank, EU, UN, GPE and other donors programmatic and financial regulations;
  • Experience in management of compliance and fraud
  • Experience in managing and mentoring staff and promoting teamwork;
  • Good interpersonal and cross-cultural skills;
  • Facilitation and training skills including development of training materials and facilitation of participatory program development and capacity building
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills, particularly communication and presentation skills for diverse audiences
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relationships with ministries of Education both federal and states, donors and other development partners
  • Computer proficiency (including word processing, spreadsheets)
  • Experience in the design and use of Financial systems
  • Willingness and experience to work independently in politically unstable security situations in security sensitive areas; Knowledge of Somalia, its’ culture and political


VII. Core Values & Critical Key Competencies


Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Diversity, Stress Tolerance, communicating with Impact, Excellence and Building Partnerships.


VII. How to Apply


Interested candidates are requested to apply online by clicking and following the link below not later than August 11, 2020