HR & Admin Officer (5 positions) – Terms of Reference and Scope of Services

I. General Information          


–          Position Title: HR & Admin Officer (5 positions)
–          Reporting to: Director General & Director of Finance
–          Type of Appointment: Short term local staff
–          Duration: 12 months’ renewable based on satisfactory performance.
–          Fund: RCRF II
–          Duty Station: Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidoa, Jowhar & Dhusamareeb, Somalia


II. Background Information  


The Development Objective of the RCRF II project (“Project”), as restructured in 2018, is to support the Federal Government of Somalia and eligible Federal Member States to strengthen resource management systems, the inter-governmental fiscal framework, and service delivery system in education.

In conjunction with the Project restructuring, additional financing (AF) has been provided. The restructured project builds on the experience and successes of the parent project, RCRF II, and is designed to address fiscal constraints, sustain the reform effort over the next three years, and increase the emphasis on education service delivery.


Ministries of Education are the Federal and State level lead agencies of the education sector and its mandated to ensure that citizens at State and federal level has easy access to quality educational services in an affordable, sustainable and safe manner this contributes to the nationwide similar mandate of the Federal Ministry of Education. Without a functioning State MoE level’s sound finance, procurement, HR and project management practices this mandate cannot be achieved. Several capacity assessments on the Federal/State MoEs identified major gaps in those areas that need to be fulfilled.


One of the major gaps identified was qualified personal to undertake these duties or to implement national and state level acts, policies and procedures in regard to these areas.

The RCRF project aim to fill this critical gap by hiring a HR & Admin Officer for a period of 12 months.


This TOR has been developed as a guidance for the objectives, scope, timing and deliverables of performing the HR and Admin services for the Ministry of Education.


III. Objectives and scope of the assignment


The assignment develops the ministry’s HRM and Administration capacities, the assessment primarily consists of desk review of existing Assessments related to HRM, and training of the key ministry staff as well as providing mentorship.


IV. Timing


The assignment should be completed within 12 months with possibility of extension based on availability of funding.


V. Reporting


The Position reports directly to the Director General of the State MoE or the Director of HRM in the case of Federal MoE.


VI. Key Deliverables


HR Management

·        Prepare an annual workforce plan by conducting annually an organizational needs analysis to identify vacant posts that need to be filled in consultation with departmental heads and referring the availability of financial resources. The HRM unit should made consideration for the vacant posts that can be filled internally;

·        Facilitate developing Terms of References in consultation with relevant departmental head;

·        Facilitate evaluation committee set up;

·        Facilitate short listing and evaluation process (written exams and interviews) with the lead the evaluation committee;

·        Process reference checks, employment offer and contract signature process;

·        Process job orientation process;

·        Facilitate Staff motivation processes i.e. professional development, compensation, bonuses, etc.;

·        Oversee staff discipline (attendance, adherence to professional ethics and Ministry’s codes of conduct, etc.);

·        Support staff performance appraisal process made by the immediate supervisors;

·        Manage staff Grievance procedures;

·        Manage staff exit (exit interviews, asset and receivables’ clearances, issuing service letters, etc.);

·        Facilitate Staff Training Needs Assessment and maintain record of skill requirement inventory;

·        Coordinate capacity development programmes;

·        Facilitate review of capacity development programmes.





  • Supervise, manage & appraise Archivist, Resource Centre Assistant, Secretaries, Receptionist & Mailman.
  • Supervise secretaries to Ensure the Ministry’s organogram, Ongoing projects’ information and other promotional contents are placed on the most visible locations within the Ministry so that the staff and visitors to the office can visualize how the Ministry is structured and what progress has been made during the year.
  • Supervise secretaries to Manage Office visitors and maintain visitors’ book to ensure that Visitors feel welcome and informed, and leave with a good impression of the office and a record of visitors will be kept on visitors’ book.
  • Supervise secretaries to manage the Appointments system (Appointments book and follow up with staff member/visitor) so that Visitors will have more guaranteed access to the staff member visited and staff will be less disrupted by visits.
  • Supervise secretaries to Assist the receptionist to maintain the Reception system so that Incoming telephone messages will be recorded on Telephone messages form and callers will feel welcome.
  • Supervise secretaries to Manage Correspondence so that different letter formats will be used as appropriate and the quality of written correspondence will improve.
  • Supervise secretaries to Manage Office communications such as internal memos and meetings.
  • Supervise secretaries to Manage Filing and record keeping system so that different types of information will be stored appropriately and all documents will be securely filed and easy to access.
  • Supervise secretaries to Keep well organized filing system.
  • Manage the Resource centre so that books and other important documents will be well organised, classified, indexed and appropriately shelved or stored in the Ministry’s server so that staff and others can find what they need quickly.
  • Backup data on weekly basis on network attached storage
VII. Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in HR Management;
  • Minimum of 5 years of general experience in the field of Human resource management.
  • Minimum of 3 years of specific experience in Administration and HRM.
  • Knowledge and experience in civil service acts at federal and Federal/State level.
  • The officer should have experience in performing similar assignments;



VIII. How to Apply


  • Interested candidates are requested to apply online by clicking and following the link below not later than August 11, 2020.